Swan Re

Reinsurance that offers leveraged returns

Swan Re com­bi­nes our DRS with a low-risk, low-cost rein­sur­ance com­pa­ny struc­ture. Swan’s exper­tise in the insur­ance indus­try and mar­ket-lead­ing risk/return char­ac­ter­is­tics of the DRS make a per­fect fit for lever­aged returns through a rein­sur­ance pro­duct.

The launch of this pro­duct fol­lows a proven for­mat demon­strat­ed by Green­light Re, Third Point Re and Berk­shire Hath­away, all of which direct rein­sur­ance returns to invest­ments rather than under­writ­ing income. For the investor, Swan Re offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty of earn­ing a mul­ti­ple of DRS’ his­toric returns through invest­ment of pre­mi­um float (pre­mi­ums yet to be paid out as claims).

Swan Re will insure low-risk (low sever­i­ty, high fre­quen­cy) types of busi­ness that are con­trac­tu­al­ly capped and often are very pre­dictable in their pay­out pat­terns. Under­writer expens­es should be much low­er than for a tra­di­tion­al rein­sur­er.

Swan Re, Ltd and Swan Glob­al Invest­ments are sep­a­rate enti­ties.


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